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photo of artist, Susan Johnson

Susan Johnson

Susan Johnson is a working artist living in San Francisco, CA. She is primarily an abstract painter but also has many years of experience as a printmaker and mixed media artist. She is known for bright use of color and interesting texture that create a lot of movement and mood to any surface she chooses to work on. She uses nature as an inspiration with its variety of colors and energy to reflect the vast array of human emotions in a form of abstract expressionism. Susan’s work has been exhibited in Los Angeles, Oakland and San Francisco. She is also a member of ARTSPAN and often participates in the Open Studios. Susan’s has a history of spending over 15 yrs creating art workshops in public schools along with being an Art Educator for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Craft and Folk  Art Museum of San Francisco and The San Francisco Center for the Book. Susan Johnson has collectors throughout the United States and Western Europe.

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